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🕷 🕸 SpiderMan comics get a new superhero with EDS

  • 1.  🕷 🕸 SpiderMan comics get a new superhero with EDS

    Posted 09-30-2022 11:01
    🕷 🕸  "In Edge of Spider-Verse #4' Charlotte Webber (the Sun-Spider) swings through the city on her way to prom. Charlie has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and while she has attended her school for some time, the administration still refuses to install a simple ramp. After Charlotte changes to Sun-Spider and defeats Doc Ock, she is left alone - forgotten by staff and students - while the rest of the guests escape. "You left Charlotte all alone, knowing there's no accessibility? And I'm the bad guy?" Octopus protests. #mainstreammedia #accessible #EDS​​​

    Better still the new character comes from a fan submission from Dayna Broder. Sun-Spider is a disabled hero who uses crutches when in costume, and an ambulatory wheelchair when not suited up."

    Read more about it here and here.

    Daniel DeFabio

    Global Genes
    Director Community Engagement, Global Genes