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    • Name: Matt Larsen Organizations you represent: Illinois Spina Bifida Association, Executive Director What led you to the rare disease community: Having close family friends and relatives with rare conditions taught me the strength of family teams and their circles of support.  I am grateful for the opportunity to bring together a network of family teams The post RARE Foundation Alliance Member Spotlight: Matt Larsen appeared first on Global Genes .
    • The BasicsName: Kevin Mead Title: Executive Director Organization: International Pemphigus Pemphigoid Foundation Social Media Links: Disease focus: Pemphigus is a group of potentially life-threatening disorders characterized by blisters in the mucous membranes and skin. The blistering in pemphigus happens because of an immune response resulting in autoantibodies attacking the glue that holds mucous membranes The post Rare Leader: Kevin Mead, Executive Director of the International Pemphigus Pemphigoid Foundation appeared first on Global Genes .
    • Rare Daily Staff AbbVie has exercised its exclusive right to acquire TeneoOne, an affiliate of TeneoBio, and TNB-383B, a BCMA-targeting immunotherapeutic for the potential treatment of relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a rare cancer that forms in plasma cells, a type of white blood cell, in the bone marrow. The cancerous plasma The post AbbVie Exercises Right to Acquire TeneoOne and Lead Asset Targeting Multiple Myeloma appeared first on Global Genes .