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  • Organization Name: A Kid Again Disease Affiliation: Life Threatening Conditions Organization Mission: We exist to foster hope, happiness, and healing for children with life-threatening conditions and their families. What led you to the rare disease community? Our Founders their passion for serving children with life threatening conditions. What do you think are the areas The post RARE Global Advocacy Alliance Member Spotlight: Ann Fixari appeared first on Global Genes .
  • Author: Rachel AlvesPatient or Advocate: Audrey Alves Disease Affiliation: CASK Gene Disorder Besides a traumatic emergency C Section along with concerning head circumference, all newborn screenings checked out okay. They told us to watch for milestones not being met and sent us on our way. Feeding was a challenge and keeping her growing became a The post Audrey Jo #KickingCASK appeared first on Global Genes .
  • Author: Cari CrosbyPatient or Advocate: Josie CrosbyDisease Affiliation: Leigh syndromeJosie is a sweet 4 year old girl living with Leigh Syndrome. When she was two months old, her family rushed her to the hospital because she started having seizures. After an MRI and a genetics test, her family was told that she had a rare The post Josie becomes A Kid Again appeared first on Global Genes .